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Two brothers who went to bathe in the Varna river to escape the heat died


Mumbai: In Sangli district, the death of two teenagers who went to bathe in the Warna river to face the heat despite not knowing how to swim has come to light. Both were missing since Friday afternoon. His body was found on Saturday.

Uncles Amol Prakash Sutar (16) and Raviraj Sutar (12) went for a walk in the fields along the river. When Pacha did not come home till evening, the parents started searching. Her clothes, slippers and mobile phone were found on the river bank. That is why it was investigated based on the possibility of it falling into the river. The investigation was stopped due to nightfall. The rescue team recovered his body on Saturday morning. Both did not know how to swim and the depth of the water could not be estimated, so drowning is being suggested.

Meanwhile, in Sangli itself, a 14-year-old boy named Aryan Deepak Landge allegedly died after beating up a minister. This incident has come to light after four days. The critically injured teenager was admitted to hospital and died during treatment. Aryan had a fever and was not recovering, so on the advice of the woman’s relative, he was taken to Shaman, a village in Karnataka. Cattle were beaten to drive them out saying they were demon possessed. Due to which the seriously injured child died.