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Turning ₹2000 into ₹100 Crore: A Story of Grit and Success

Sankarsh Chanda Success Story: Turning INR 2000 into a 100 Crore Empire

In the world of financial success stories, Sankarsh Chanda stands as a beacon of hope and inspiration. From living off his father’s income to amassing riches in the hundreds of millions, Sankarsh’s journey is an incredible testament to determination, hard work, and an unwavering belief in the stock market. This article delves into the extraordinary success story of Sankarsh Chanda, who has risen to become the owner of a 100-crore empire.

From a Simple Beginning

Sankarsh Chanda’s journey began with a mere 2000 rupees and a desire to explore the stock market. At the age of 17, while pursuing his B.Tech degree at Bennett University in Greater Noida, he made the bold decision to invest his pocket money in the stock market. Little did he know that this decision would change the course of his life forever.

The Passion for Stock Trading

In his second year of college, Sankarsh made his first investment of 2000 rupees. This initial foray into the stock market was the turning point of his life. Unlike most college students who are focused on their education, Sankarsh’s attention shifted towards stock trading.

A Glimpse of Benjamin Graham

During an interview, Sankarsh shared an interesting turning point in his journey. He mentioned how he stumbled upon an article by the renowned American economist Benjamin Graham. This article ignited his passion for the stock market. Benjamin Graham, known as the ‘Father of Value Investing,’ was famous for his wisdom in the world of finance.

Balancing Education and Trading

Managing both his studies and stock market ventures proved to be a challenging task for Sankarsh. Eventually, he decided to take a break from his education to pursue stock trading full-time. He understood that he needed to invest more time in research and learning to excel in both fields.

The Birth of a FinTech Startup

After achieving remarkable success in the stock market, Sankarsh ventured into the world of startups. He founded Svobodha Infinity Investment Advisors Private Limited, a FinTech startup. To raise capital for this venture, Sankarsh sold his shares for 8 lakhs in 2017. What followed was a remarkable journey of growth.

A Rapidly Growing Startup

Svobodha Infinity Investment Advisors Private Limited, Sankarsh’s startup, witnessed tremendous growth. In the first year, it earned 12 lakhs, and in the second year, it surged to 14 lakhs. The third year saw revenue reach an impressive 32 lakhs, and in 2020-21, the company achieved a revenue of 40 lakhs.

Reinvestment and Expansion

Sankarsh’s business acumen shone through as he reinvested the earnings from his startup. This reinvestment strategy allowed him to grow his wealth substantially. As a result, he is now the proud owner of a vast financial empire.


Sankarsh Chanda’s story is a testament to the power of passion, determination, and the stock market. From humble beginnings, he transformed a meager 2000 rupees into a 100-crore empire. His journey is an inspiration to all aspiring investors and entrepreneurs.