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Turmeric Totka: To get rid of poverty, try this perfect turmeric totka


Money Profit Remedy: Turmeric is used in the kitchen of every household in our country. Turmeric is a treasure trove of properties, apart from cooking it is also used as a medicine in Ayurveda. Similarly, a lot of importance has been given to the use of turmeric in Vastu Shastra. Turmeric is also used in Vastu Shastra. Taking turmeric remedies brings happiness and prosperity in the house. Especially if there is any problem related to money going on in the house, then it can be overcome by taking some regular remedies of turmeric.


to get stuck money

Turmeric is very dear to Lord Vishnu. By doing this remedy of turmeric on Thursday, financial troubles go away. Turmeric is a very sacred thing, with its remedy, stagnant money is obtained. If your money is stuck and you want to get it back, color the rice with turmeric and keep it in your purse or vault. By doing this one gets wealth.

work for success

Many times, even after trying a million times, success is not achieved in the work. In such a situation, this remedy of turmeric can give you success. For that you have to prepare a garland of turmeric knots. This garland is to be offered to Lord Ganesha. By doing this you will get success in work.

for financial gain

If you are earning thousands of rupees but you do not have money in your hand then try this remedy of turmeric to get rid of this problem. Take a red cloth and tie a lump of turmeric in it and keep it in the safe in an auspicious time. By doing this your money related problems will go away and Lakshmiji will reside in the house.