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Train Accident: During a train crash, people sitting in this compartment remain safe! If you also travel then know today

Train Crash Safety: A major train accident has taken place in Orissa in which hundreds of people have lost their lives. This train accident proved to be extremely dangerous and no one had any idea of it. Let us tell you that in this train accident, the Coromandel Express train derailed, due to which a terrible scene was created there. Let us tell you that it is very difficult to escape safely in a train accident because the speed of the train is so high that even a single passenger does not get a chance to recover at the time of the accident. Today we are going to tell you about how to avoid a train accident. Actually, in the compartment where you sit, there is a place where the sitting passengers can keep themselves safe. If you do not know about this, then we are going to tell you about it in detail.

always sit in the middle

In any train accident, the chances of being safe are highest when you are sitting in the middle means people are sitting around you and you are sitting between them on the seat. Then avoid hitting the roof part and remain safe. This method is very effective and can save the train accident from being fatal.

always push back on the seat

You feel the thrust in the direction opposite to the direction in which the train is moving, in such a situation, by doing this you can save yourself from serious injuries during an accident because it has been seen that People who sit very comfortably, get jerked backward at the time of train accident and they can hit directly, in which case they can get serious injuries.

a window is a safe place

At the time of any accident, you can get trapped inside the train and your life can also be lost in it, in such a situation, after the accident, you should stay towards the window, here you can get out from the emergency window and save your life. You should know about the emergency window as it can prove to be very helpful in keeping you safe, in such a situation the crew can also be asked about it.

avoid walking on the train

If you repeatedly move around in the train and keep walking continuously and do not sit on the seat, then let’s assume that during a train accident, you may be at risk of fatal injury, in such a situation, if you want to keep yourself safe If yes, then for this first of all you should be sitting on your seat. By sitting on the seat, the effect of the shock that occurs during the accident is reduced, but if you keep walking, then this shock can prove to be very dangerous and can hit you on the wall.