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This actress won hearts by rubbing her eyes more than the dialogue, became famous as Hema Malini’s ‘aunt’

Hema Malini Chachi Manorama: There are some stars in the cinema world who may not be among us today, but they are still alive in the hearts of people on the basis of their acting. One such veteran actress is Manorama. With a big face, round eyes and a long smile… Very few people have the art of saying everything with their eyes. This art was full of codes in Manorama. Even more than the dialogue, people used to understand what was going on in their minds by seeing their facial expressions. Manorama worked in many films, but she liked the role of Hema Malini’s aunt so much that people started liking her the most in that role.

Manorama was born in Lahore.

Manorama was born on August 16, 1926 in Lahore. Very few people know Manorama’s real name. Her real name was Irin Isaac Daniels. His mother was Irish and father was a Hindu Christian. Manorama started her career as a child actor in the film ‘Khajanchi’ in the year 1941. When partition happened, she came to Mumbai from Lahore and worked in Punjabi films.
this, Manorama got to play the role of sister in Dilip Kumar’s film ‘Ghar Ki Izzat’. In this way, Manorama started making her mark as a character artist in films.
this, in the year 1972, Manorama played the role of a bad aunt in Hema Malini’s film ‘Seeta Aur Geeta’. People liked Manorama so much in this role that it proved to be a turning point for her career. The expression of Manorama’s face in this film made people laugh a lot and despite being a negative character, she settled in the hearts of people.
Manorama married producer Rajan Haksar but parted ways a few years later. After some time, Manorama’s health started deteriorating and on February 2008, 15, he said goodbye to the world. When Manorama’s ‘Sita Geeta’ (Sita and Geeta) film still comes on TV, her fans watch this film with equal interest. There are some scenes in this film that bring a long smile on the face.