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These are the world’s most expensive rice, gold can be bought in one kilo


The number of people who eat rice in India is more than those who eat roti. From North India to South India, you will find rice eaters in every household. There are many varieties of rice in the country. Farmers cultivate different types of paddy according to the climate and region, but the rice we are going to tell you today is said to be the most expensive rice in the world. These are so expensive that you can buy gold for a kilo.

world's most expensive rice
world’s most expensive rice

Actually, the world’s most expensive rice is called Kinmemai Premium. Its price is 12 thousand to 15 thousand rupees per kg. This rice is mainly grown in Japan. What makes this rice special is the nutrients found in it which are not found in any other rice. Like India, people in Japan also like to eat rice, many varieties of rice are grown there, but the top one is Kinmemai Premium Rice. The people there cook this rice only on special occasions.


Kinemai Premium Rice has been named as the most expensive rice in the world by the Guinness World Book of Records. There is a huge demand for this rice in Japan as well as in other countries of Asia. Some people of America and Europe also like to eat this rice. However, due to the high cost of rice, it is beyond the reach of the middle class people. Toyo Rice Corp Company is selling this rice all over the world these days. She is selling it through her website as well as other e-commerce websites.