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These are the 5 reasons due to which women have back pain.


back ache: Often you must have seen that women are very troubled by back pain. This problem occurs in almost every woman. Along with this, it has also been revealed in a research that the problem of back pain is more in women than in men. There can be many reasons behind back pain like unbalanced diet, poor lifestyle, pregnancy, periods etc. Let us know what are the five major causes of back pain in women.

5 main causes of back pain

1. Menopause is a natural process that every woman has to go through after some time. This causes many changes in the body. Hormonal changes happen. Even when a woman reaches the stage of menopause, she still starts having back pain. During menopause, there is a drastic drop in the estrogen level of women, due to which the bones of women begin to weaken.

2. Bad lifestyle is also a major reason for back pain. Often women do not exercise, do not take a balanced diet, apart from this, back pain starts due to sitting in the wrong posture.


3. Due to premenstrual syndrome, women also have the problem of back pain. It is a problem that affects women every month a few days before the onset of menstruation. Usually this problem starts a week before periods and ends after periods.

4. Spinal osteoarthritis is also a major cause of back pain in women. This problem occurs due to damage to the joints connecting the spinal cord. Apart from back pain, it causes pain in the thighs, back and legs.

5. Women often complain of back pain even during pregnancy. The change in the center of gravity of the body is believed to be responsible for the problem of back pain during pregnancy. After the fifth month, this problem increases even more.