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The transit of 4 big planets will change your life, know which zodiac signs will be most affected

110565952Sun Mercury Venus Mars transit in July 2024: The month of July is very important in terms of astrology, although the change of planets in zodiac signs is a normal thing, but in this month four big planets are going to change their zodiac signs. Ravi Pushya Nakshatra is falling in this month which is considered very good for auspicious works. Not only this, the importance of this month is no less from the religious point of view. 

Shravan month will start in this month and along with it Chaturmas will begin when Lord Vishnu will go into Yog Nidra for four months. It is believed that Lord Shiva lives on Earth in the month of Shravan, hence this month naturally becomes auspicious for Shiva worship. 

These planets are changing their zodiac signs

In the month of July, the change of zodiac signs of the planets will begin from 6th July. On 6th July, Venus will transit from Gemini to Cancer and the next day it will rise in the same zodiac sign which is currently in setting state. After this, the commander of the planets, Mars, will enter Taurus on 12th July where Jupiter is already present. After this, the third change will be of the king of planets, Sun, who will go to Cancer on 16th July where he will get the company of the prince of planets Mercury and Venus. However, after staying with the Sun for 3 days, Mercury will transit to Leo on 19th July. 

Cancer- Be cautious in financial matters

Control your expenses, do not spend more than your income. There can be conflicts at the workplace. There can be tensions and estrangement with family. Stay mentally strong, avoid negative thoughts. Be aware of your health, do not be careless.

Virgo – Stay away from official politics

Virgo people are also advised to be alert with their colleagues, they may fall prey to office politics. Businessmen are likely to suffer financial losses. There may be obstacles in the auspicious work proposed at home and it is better not to transact money as money may get stuck. 

Scorpio – your spouse’s growth will increase 

Scorpio natives may face problems due to colleagues and officers and may also look for a new job. Spouse will get a good proposal, there is a strong possibility of growth in the job. Avoid doing any big business deal this month, as there is a possibility of financial loss. Share personal things less with friends. 

Pisces – Contacts will only bring benefits 

The work pressure on Pisces people is going to be a bit more, the officers can create hurdles in your work. The network will increase and you can get full benefit of it in the field of livelihood. The business class may have to suffer business losses, so be cautious. You should take advice from your life partner in the matter of children.