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The Secret Behind Gadkari’s Unconventional Marriage – No Compromises Allowed!

Ramtek Road Construction: A Look at Nitin Gadkari, the Man Behind India’s Highway Development

In India, the name Nitin Gadkari is synonymous with road development. Whether you support the ruling party or the opposition, everyone acknowledges his significant contributions to road construction. Nitin Gadkari himself often questions the need to delay progress in road infrastructure. In a recent television program that featured him, the spotlight was on Ramtek, a region in the Nagpur district where his father-in-law’s home is located.

Congress Skepticism: “The Road Will Never Be Built”

Nitin Gadkari responded to skepticism from Congress leaders in a unique way. Some prominent Congress members had been stating that the road in question would never be constructed. What was the reason behind their doubt? It was because the road ran past Nitin Gadkari’s father-in-law’s residence, and they believed he would never allow it to be built. In response, Gadkari made a bold statement that anyone’s house, no matter who’s it was, could be bulldozed if required. He humorously suggested ordering a new set of curtains after the bulldozer had done its work.

The Unhappy Spouse

However, the intriguing aspect of this story goes beyond Gadkari’s witty response to Congress’s doubts. When asked whether he had dinner that evening after demolishing his father-in-law’s house, he revealed that his wife was less than pleased. She questioned why he hadn’t informed her in advance if he intended to tear down the house. Nitin Gadkari’s answer to his wife’s query was simple: if the house needed to be demolished, he didn’t feel the need to provide a heads-up. He humorously added that his father would have demolished it himself, and he recounted the entire conversation with his wife, who eventually understood and appreciated his decision.


Nitin Gadkari’s approach to road development and his witty responses to critics make him a unique figure in Indian politics. He has consistently emphasized the importance of infrastructure development, even if it means demolishing a family home. His dedication to road construction in India has earned him a reputation as a dynamic and action-oriented leader.

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