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The old secret of Coca-Cola is hidden in the secret locker, know the interesting story of this drink


Coca-Cola: Coca Cola is one of the most liked soft drinks in the world. It was discovered by a soldier. Lieutenant Colonel John Pemberton was seriously wounded in 1865 during the American Civil War. He started taking medicine to relieve the pain. Gradually he became addicted to these drugs. To get rid of this addiction, he started looking for alternatives. The result of this research came in front of the world in the form of Coca-Cola.

Coal was sold for the first time on May 8, 1886

John Pemberton worked as a pharmacist before joining the army. He continued to look for an alternative to drugs. He worked hard for years, but did not get success. Then he got along with Frank Robinson. Together they started a chemical company. Pemberton made a liquid here. People were tested by mixing soda in it. People liked this drink very much. Coca-Cola was first sold on May 8, 1886.

How much was Coca Cola sold for the first time?

Its starting price was 5 cents per glass. Coca-Cola’s initial sales were sluggish. One year, sales were at the rate of 9 glasses per day. It started at $50, while the cost was over $70.

Free coupons distributed to increase sales

The soft drink formula didn’t last long with Pemberton. The formula was purchased by businessman Asa Griggs Candler in 1887 for $2300. He got an idea to make Coca-Cola successful. Distribute free drink coupons to get people used to it. After this, this drink spread such a taste on the tongue of the people that it became famous all over the world.

used to drink coca cola for headache medicine

Candler did a lot of commercials for Coca-Cola. There are many ways to attract customers. By 1890, Coca-Cola had become the most popular drink in America. In the beginning, people used to drink it to relieve headache and fatigue.

associated with patriotism

American soldiers were being sent to other countries during World War II. Coca-Cola’s president at the time, Robert Woodruff, decided that the company would pay for the troops itself. During this war, the soldiers enjoyed Coca-Cola a lot. This drink was then associated with patriotism.

when did coal come to india ,

Coca Cola entered India in 1950. The company has set up its first plant in New Delhi. In 1977, Industries Minister George Fernandes placed a condition in front of Coca-Cola that if it wanted to do business, 60 percent stake would have to be given to an Indian company. The company refused and decided to leave India. In 1993, Coca-Cola re-entered India. After this the company acquired brands like Thums Up, Limca and Maaza.

in which countries is restricted?

Today, Coca-Cola is sold in over 200 countries around the world. It is not sold in Cuba and North Korea.

Coca Cola’s where is the recipe ,

John Pemberton explains the formula for the Coca-Cola drink to a small group. Then the formula is not written anywhere. After this, the rights of the drink were bought by Candler. In 1919, Ernest Woodruff and investors bought the company from Candler. Woodruff used the Coca-Cola recipe as a loan guarantee. He asked Candler’s son to write down the Coca-Cola formula and keep the paper in a bank vault until the loan was repaid in 1925.

After the loan was completed in 1925, Woodruff placed the recipe in a locker at SunTrust Bank. The formula was kept in SunTrust’s bank locker for 86 years. On the 125th anniversary, the company took the formula out of the locker and kept it in a high-tech secret vault. This secret vault is in the World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta and is locked in a metal box.