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The Manipur Crisis: Exploring the Attack on Chief Minister’s Residence and the Violent Shootout

Manipur Rifles Camp Attack: Unrest Continues in Manipur

The recent attack on the Manipur Rifles Camp has sent shockwaves through the region. In the wee hours of the night, a mob gathered near the camp, attempting to loot weapons. Despite the valiant efforts of security forces, the unruly mob was eventually dispersed after multiple rounds of aerial firing. This incident has led to the cancellation of the curfew in Imphal, which was imposed in the aftermath of the attack. Let’s delve into the details of this troubling event.

The Attack on Manipur Rifles Camp

The attack unfolded in Imphal West, near Raj Bhavan and the Chief Minister’s House. The mob initially attempted to loot some weapons from the camp. However, their plans were thwarted when the CRPF and army units arrived at the scene, leading to a violent confrontation that rendered the looting attempt unsuccessful.

How Security Forces Responded

The security forces employed a two-fold strategy to contain the mob. First, they resorted to lathi-charges to disperse the crowd, but when that proved ineffective, they had no choice but to open fire into the air to regain control. Unfortunately, some civilians sustained minor injuries during the commotion, prompting the authorities to lift the curfew in Imphal.

Exploiting the Chaos

The attack on the Manipur Rifles Camp was not an isolated incident. It occurred in the wake of widespread protests and agitation triggered by the killing of Additional SP Chingtham Anand Kumar by suspected insurgents just a day earlier. This event has ignited anger and unrest in Imphal and other parts of Manipur.

Escalation of Violence

The escalation of violence is a growing concern. The clash between the security forces and the agitating mob has raised questions about the authorities’ ability to maintain order. The incident has left many residents of Imphal concerned about their safety and the ongoing instability in the region.

The Wider Context

To understand the gravity of the situation, we need to consider the larger context. Manipur has been grappling with a wave of protests and strikes, largely led by the Kuki Student Organization (KSO). KSO called for a 48-hour shutdown in Manipur, which commenced on the night of November 1. During this time, the attack on the Manipur Rifles Camp near CM House unfolded.

The Role of Kuki Student Organization (KSO)

The Kuki Student Organization’s opposition to the deployment of additional police commandos in Moreh, a district in Tengnoupal, has been a significant factor contributing to the unrest. Their demands and protests have been ongoing, adding to the volatile atmosphere in the state.


The attack on the Manipur Rifles Camp and the subsequent confrontation with security forces highlight the delicate situation in Manipur. The region remains on edge, with ongoing protests, clashes, and a general sense of unease. It is crucial for all stakeholders to come together to find a peaceful resolution and restore order. The future of Manipur depends on the ability to address the underlying issues that have fueled this unrest.