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The Magic of Budhwar: How to Make Your Dreams Come True in 7 Days

Budhwar Ke Upay: Bringing Prosperity with Wednesday Worship

In the realm of Sanatan Dharma, each day of the week is dedicated to a specific deity. Wednesday, also known as “Budhwar,” is consecrated to Lord Ganesha, who holds a prime position in Hindu scriptures. It is believed that initiating any auspicious or significant endeavor by worshiping Lord Ganesha on this day ensures success and removes obstacles. Let’s delve into the ways one can harness the divine energy of Wednesday to fulfill their desires and attain prosperity.

1. Ganesha’s Grace: The Seven Consecutive Wednesdays

As per Vedic astrology, if life’s challenges seem never-ending and have persisted for a long time, worshiping Lord Ganesha on seven consecutive Wednesdays can alleviate your troubles. To perform this ritual, visit a Ganesha temple for seven Wednesdays in a row and offer sindoor (vermilion) to the deity. This practice is believed to eradicate obstacles and bring peace to your life.

2. Academic Success: Blessings for Students

For students seeking success in their studies, worshiping Lord Ganesha on seven consecutive Wednesdays can be highly beneficial. Offer moong (green gram) laddoos to Lord Ganesha for seven Wednesdays. It is believed to enhance the learning abilities and academic achievements of students.

3. Financial Well-being: The Cows and Green Pastures

If financial constraints have been a constant companion in your life for a considerable period, try feeding green grass to a white cow for seven Wednesdays. According to astrology, this practice can lead to an increase in wealth and prosperity in your home. It also paves the way for new opportunities and financial growth.

4. Fulfilling Long-standing Wishes

To fulfill a long-cherished desire, make an offering of jaggery to Lord Ganesha for seven consecutive Wednesdays. This act is believed to help in the quick accomplishment of pending tasks and desires. It can provide relief from stagnation and propel you towards your goals.

5. Home Harmony: The Offering of Green Vegetables

In case there is discord in your household, and you desire peace and happiness, consider donating green vegetables at Lord Ganesha’s temple for seven Wednesdays. This practice is thought to bring happiness and prosperity into your life, ensuring the well-being and harmony of your family.

These are just a few ways in which you can harness the divine power of Wednesday to seek blessings and prosperity. It’s essential to approach these rituals with sincerity, devotion, and a pure heart. The path to fulfillment and success often begins with a simple prayer to Lord Ganesha on a Wednesday morning.


The sacred day of Wednesday, dedicated to Lord Ganesha, offers a unique opportunity for devotees to seek blessings and solutions to life’s problems. By following these age-old practices with devotion and faith, one can alleviate challenges, boost academic success, improve financial conditions, fulfill desires, and bring harmony to their homes. The divine grace of Lord Ganesha, when sought on Budhwar, paves the way for a prosperous and fulfilling life.