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“The entire opposition was also present in Australia”, PM Modi taunted the opposition


Narendra Modi returned from a three-day visit to Australia on Thursday morning. PM Narendra Modi was warmly welcomed at Palam Airport in Delhi. Addressing the occasion, PM Modi referred to Australia’s democratic tradition, and also targeted the opposition and said that apart from Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese, former Prime Ministers, MPs, leaders of opposition parties also participated in it. Program of the Indian Community in Sydney. He said, ‘This is the strength of democracy. All participated together in the program organized by the Indian community.

PM Modi’s sarcasm on the opposition
The Prime Minister did not mention anyone in his speech, but his hint was clear. He said this at a time when 19 opposition forces are protesting the inauguration of the new Parliament building. In such a situation, when PM Narendra Modi talked about the participation of the Australian opposition in the program, he also targeted the boycott of the opposition parties in India in a way. PM Modi said that all the people and leaders I met there praised India. They all appreciated our hosting of the G-20 and that makes me very proud.

Talk about foreign travel
The Prime Minister started his tour from Japan. There he participated in the summit of G-7 countries. After this he reached Papua New Guinea. A visit to this island nation is very important from a strategic and diplomatic point of view. After this he went on a tour of Australia. Meanwhile, he also met several leaders of the opposition, including Prime Minister Anthony Albanese. Not only this, he also attended a grand function organized by the Indian community. PM Modi said that he tried to spend every moment of his visit in the interest of the country.

Indians should get out of slavery mentality.
He also responded to those who criticized the vaccination of other countries during the Corona period. PM Modi said that he is criticizing us as to why we are giving vaccines to other countries. Remember that this is the country of Buddha and Gandhi. We also take care of our enemies. PM Modi said that today the world wants to hear the voice of India. Indians now have to get out of the slavery mentality.