Thursday , September 23 2021

The court got angry at the arguments of Honey Singh’s lawyer! gave this new order

You will be surprised to know the dark truth behind the silver screen of YO YO Honey Singh. Honey Singh’s wife has revealed his black deeds. The case did in court.The legal screws are being tightened on the famous singer ‘Yo Yo Honey Singh’ in the country and the world. The girl whom Honey Singh loved since childhood and also married with him, but the whole world is questioning what he did after becoming Yo Yo Honey Singh. Honey Singh’s wife had made serious allegations against her husband. Let us tell you that the hearing of the case registered on the complaint of the wife is going on in Tis Hazari Court.

Honey Singh’s lawyer asked for the date

After the start of today’s hearing in the court, Honey Singh’s lawyer said that his client has a fever, so he could not appear. So they should be given another date. After this, the other side opposed it and told the court that Honey Singh should be asked to appear in the court because no one is above the law. After this, the court has ordered YO YO Honey Singh to appear himself on 3rd September at 12.30 pm.

Court expressed displeasure At the same time, the court has expressed displeasure over the arguments of Honey Singh’s lawyer. The court said that till now the income affidavit has not been given. This attitude of Honey Singh is not right at all. You have not even given his bank account and ITR information yet.

What’s the matter?

A case has been filed against Honey Singh in the court under Domestic Violence. In her petition, Honey Singh’s wife has made her husband Hirdesh Singh alias Honey Singh, her mother-in-law Bhupinder Kaur, father-in-law Sarabjit Singh and her sister-in-law Sneh Singh a party. In her 120-page petition, the stigma story told by wife Shalini Talwar of husband Hirdesh Singh alias Honey Singh was astonishing. Wife Shalini Talwar, in her petition, also told about Honey Singh and the bitter experience of their honeymoon and said, ‘We were gifted a honeymoon package to Mauritius. When we reached there, I found Honey Singh’s behavior changed. When I asked about the rude behavior, he got furious. He pushed me down on the bed and started shouting that ‘If no one dares to question Yo Yo Honey Singh, then you too should never question me. From there he started beating me.

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