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The Board of Trade raised questions on the start of the meeting season in preparation for tourism


Nainital: City traders’ association ‘Maa Nayana Devi Nainital Business Mandal’ has questioned the legitimacy of the meeting held at the state guest house on Friday regarding preparations for the tourist season.

Puneet Tandon, president of the organization, said that such a meeting in the middle of the tourist season would not solve any kind of tourism problems. Hence it was decided by the organization not to participate in this meeting.

Tandon, however, said that the association felt that such a meeting was necessary, but the meeting should have been held in March. A follow-up meeting should be held in the month of April on how the decisions taken in this meeting are implemented, so that something can actually be done to address the problems related to tourism.

If it had happened, the Board of Trade would have got time and also could have made the expected contribution to the administrative arrangement and resolution of the problems, but the justification for holding the meeting so late, when the tourism season has already started, is not understood. started

Therefore, he has requested the administration that such meetings should be held at least two to three months before the start of the season. On the other hand, on the current situation, he said efforts should be made to solve the parking problem in Nainital immediately. He also said that there should be multi-level parking within the Nainital city area. This can solve the major problem of tourist season in the city.

Along with this, it is expected that the administration will take this suggestion seriously and more meetings related to tourism will be held at least two months before the season, only then will everyone get time to resolve the issues and bring about a solution related to tourism. problems. There will be hope.