Tuesday , October 19 2021

The allergy drug dexamethasone corona can reduce the risk of death of patients by up to 35%

Researchers in England claim that the drug dexamethasone decreases the risk of death in patients with Kovid-19. This medicine can reduce the death toll due to infection by one third. The results of this research at Oxford University were released on Tuesday. Researchers conducted research on 2,104 corona patients and compared them to 4,321 other corona infected who were undergoing general treatment.

The risk of death in patients taking oxygen decreased by 20 percent,
researchers say, in corona patients, the drug dexamethasone was injected into the body via oral or tube. Patients who needed a breathing machine reduced the risk of death by 35 percent. At the same time, among those who were taking oxygen, the risk was reduced by 20 percent.

Cheap and Effective Treatment 
According to Oxford University researcher Peter Horbey, the rate of survival of corona patients has increased markedly during research. The effect of dexamethasone drug was seen in a large number of patients who needed more oxygen. Due to the fact that this drug is not more expensive, it can be used to save the lives of people globally.

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