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That’s why dating a best friend is the best


Everyone wants to get a good life partner. Many people search for a suitable life partner. Sometimes we start thinking that we are not the couple that we have been told by how many people we have dated. Instead of dating a stranger, date your best friend. Let’s know the benefits of dating best friend.

1. each other
Know better than even your best friend. What are their likes? What are their interests? His past, present. Has he been in love with someone in the past? You should be aware of all these ideas. Thus there is no need to lie between the two. Life would be better if we understood each other.


2. There is a kind of caring between you two as best friends
And you definitely care for each other. They will certainly suffer you and you will suffer theirs. So there will be a kind of good relationship between you two. That’s why going on a date with your best friend is a good idea.

3. You can be yourself
When you go on a date it’s usually I’m not us. We give up our lives for the fear of what they will think if I say this. We try to speak formally. But when we go on a date with our best friends, there is no need for drama. Me being is enough. Our friend accepts us no matter what we are.

4. Trust has increased between you two
If the relationship is to be strong then trust is very important. Building trust in a relationship is not an easy task. If you go on a date with someone, then there is no trust left between the two of you. This is not to say that trust may increase in the future. But trust has already developed between you and your best friend. So there is no problem.


reasons to consider dating your best friend in kannada

5. Maybe love has already blossomed between the two of you. Modern
Love is like going on a first date and then deciding to fall in love if everything goes well. If you go on a date with your best friend, it is possible that love is confirmed in the first meeting itself. Because maybe one of the two has fallen in love before. This will make further conversation easier.

6. Respect your best friend
Respect is very important for every person. We expect the same from others as we respect others. If we go on a date with a stranger, we never know how they will treat us later. If he is our best friend then he must know how much he respects us.


7. Two can enjoy together
Life is so much better with someone who tolerates our craziness. Has your best friend put up with your craziness for so long? If you get married then you can spend happy moments together. It can be adventurous, it can be fun.