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Tamil Nadu CM Stalin wrote a letter to Amit Shah regarding Amul milk


Amul and Nandini brands of milk had a controversy during the Karnataka assembly elections. Now a similar case has come up in Tamil Nadu. State Chief Minister MK Stalin has written to Home Minister Amit Shah demanding that Amul be stopped from buying milk in Tamil Nadu. MK Stalin said that Tamil Nadu is the territory of co-operative milk company Avin and it is not appropriate to buy milk from Amul in bulk here. Stalin said that Anand Milk Union ie Amul should be stopped from entering Tamil Nadu. If this is not done, Avin, a cooperative society operating in the state since 1981, will suffer.

A letter to Amit Shah
In a letter to Amit Shah, Stalin said, ‘Till now Amul used to sell its products only through outlets. But recently we came to know that Kaira District Cooperative Milk Producers, a subsidiary of Amul, has set up a processing plant in Krishnagiri district. For this, large scale milk is being purchased from areas like Ranipet, Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri, Vellore. Stalin said that there has been a rule in India that co-operatives should work without interfering in each other’s sphere. If not, it is against the spirit of Operation White Flood, which was launched to increase milk production.

Stalin said that there will be a shortage of milk in the country and this will increase the difficulties. There may also be a shortage of milk in the country. Stalin said that Amul’s new move violates the Evin milk shed area. This is Avin’s position in the state after decades of efforts and it will not go well if Amul continues to make purchases in violation of the rules. He said that buying milk from Amul would create unnecessary competition. He said that regional cooperatives are playing an important role in dairy development in all the states of the country. That is why it is necessary that everyone should do the best work in their own field according to their ability. He appealed to Amit Shah to order Amul to immediately stop buying milk in Tamil Nadu.