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“Santan Saptami: Your Gateway to Abundant Happiness and Well-being

Santan Saptami Vrat

Santan Saptami 2023: Unlocking the Blessings of Motherhood Introduction Santan Saptami, a sacred Hindu observance, falls on the seventh day of the bright half of the Bhadrapad month according to the Hindu calendar. This special day is primarily observed by women with the aim of seeking blessings for motherhood, the ...

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Pitru Dosh Demystified: How Does it Affect You? Discover Liberation

1298917 Pitra Paksh 5

Pitra Dosh Upay: Overcoming Ancestral Pitfalls In the realm of astrology, Pitra Dosh is a term that holds significant importance. It’s a belief deeply rooted in Hinduism and is associated with the ancestral lineage and their blessings. The period from September 29th to October 14th is dedicated to Pitra Paksha, ...

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