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Royal Revelations: How Bilawal Bhutto-Made His Father a King with the DNA Twist

Pakistan Politics Vote Rigging 2

Navigating the Political Landscape: Pakistan’s Election Dynamics Unveiled  A Political Chessboard Unveiled In the dynamic realm of Pakistani politics, Bilawal Bhutto’s unexpected move has reshaped the chessboard. From familial debts to political ascendancy, this article unravels the intricacies of Bilawal Bhutto’s journey to securing his father’s presidential candidacy. Bilawal’s Unconventional ...

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Shatrughan Sinha’s Election Blues: Friendship Lost in the Political Battle

2626838 Rajesh Khanna

In a recent interview with Zoom TV, Shatrughan Sinha opened up about his relationships, shedding light on his intricate friendship with Rajesh Khanna. The veteran actor revealed the challenges they faced, particularly during the 1992 Delhi by-election.  The Intricate Bond with Rajesh Khanna The Political Divide During the 1992 Delhi ...

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