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Parkinson’s Disease Demystified: Age-Related Risk Factors & Essential Symptom Awareness You Need to Know

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Understanding Parkinson’s Disease: Symptoms, Treatment, and Quality of Life Improvement Parkinson’s Disease is a neurological disorder that affects the brain, gradually progressing over time. Every year, on April 11th, World Parkinson’s Day is observed worldwide. On this special occasion, let’s delve into insights about this condition from expert perspectives. According ...

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The Adenovirus Epidemic: How to Protect Your Kids from this Deadly Threat

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Adenovirus Symptoms: Understanding the Recent Outbreak in Kolkata Recent days have witnessed a rapid increase in respiratory illnesses in Kolkata, raising concerns among health officials and residents alike. Behind these ailments lurks a dangerous virus known as Adenovirus, contributing to the demise of two children in Kolkata over the past ...

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Decode the Mystery: How Diabetes Symptoms Manifest in Your Feet

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Diabetes Symptoms in Legs: Recognizing the Signs of Diabetic Neuropathy Living with diabetes can be challenging, especially when it comes to understanding the various symptoms associated with the condition. Among these symptoms, those affecting the legs are particularly crucial to recognize and address promptly. In this article, we will delve ...

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