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Exploring the Future: What 6.5% GDP Growth Means for India

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India GDP Growth: Reserve Bank of India’s Positive Outlook In recent news, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has expressed optimism regarding India’s economic growth prospects. RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das, in a bi-monthly monetary policy review, announced that India is poised to become the engine of global growth. The central ...

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Golden Opportunities: How to Make the Most of Today’s Gold-Silver Prices

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Gold-Silver Price Today, 14 September 2023: Understanding the Recent Fluctuations In the world of finance, few things captivate the attention of investors and the general public like the fluctuating prices of precious metals, particularly gold and silver. These timeless assets have a profound impact on economies, currencies, and even the ...

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Cracks in the Wall Street: Unraveling the Worries Behind China’s Economic Slowdown

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Title: Navigating China’s Economic Challenge: A Superpower’s Unforeseen Crisis Amidst its pursuit of becoming a global superpower, China finds itself grappling with a significant economic crisis. As the world’s second-largest economy faces adversity, its repercussions are bound to resonate worldwide. Thus, the world must take heed. China hosts numerous major ...

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