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Swimming Vs Cycling: Cycling or swimming for weight loss, know which exercise is better


Swimming Vs Cycling: People do different types of workouts to lose weight. There is a question in people’s mind that swimming or cycling is more beneficial for weight loss. Let us tell you that swimming and cycling is a good aerobic exercise and it has many health benefits. Many people do not like to exercise in the gym. This is the reason why some people prefer swimming, cycling, dancing, rock climbing or brisk walking to lose weight. Swimming and cycling are considered cardio exercises for weight loss. Know here which exercise is best for weight loss-

Which exercise is good for the heart?

Swimming is a full body workout, involving all the muscles from head to toe such as the core, arms, shoulders, back and legs. Swimming increases the strength of the body. In comparison, cycling is a less strenuous exercise. Even from the health point of view, swimming is more beneficial for the heart than cycling.

Swimming is beneficial in mental diseases

If you know how to swim, you can do it at any age. Only initial training is required. Swimming is very beneficial for people with neurological disorders.

Cycling is more beneficial for such people

However, in some cases, cycling is more beneficial than swimming. If you have injured your shoulder or knee, cycling may be more beneficial than swimming. Also, if you have any skin related problem then swimming pool water can be a problem. In such a situation, cycling is more beneficial.

Advantages and disadvantages of cycling

Cycling is not considered a good exercise for the heart. If you want to strengthen your heart, consider other exercises than cycling for a cardio workout.

swimming vs cycling

Both swimming and cycling are calorie-burning workouts when it comes to weight loss. According to research, swimming for 1 hour burns more calories than cycling because more muscle groups are being used. Swimming is a full body workout, but cycling primarily focuses on the lower body.