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Sushmita’s ‘Tali’ dominated by Marathi actors; Do you know the actress who played childhood Gauri?

Sushmita Sen Taali Web Series Trailer: Fans were eagerly waiting for the trailer of actress Sushmita Sen’s web series ‘Taali’. It has finally been released.

Mumbai – After the web series ‘Arya’, the trailer of the web series ‘Taali’ of actress Sushmita Sen, who is once again coming to the audience with her powerful performance, has been released recently. Many people have put their fingers in their mouth after seeing this trailer. The netizens are now expressing the feeling that this trailer is so awesome that they have never seen it. Even in this, Sushmita’s strong acting has attracted everyone’s attention. In this series, Sushmita Sen is coming to the audience in the role of transgender Gauri Sawant. But one more thing that has become noticeable in this series is the Marathi actors in this web series. It is seen that Marathi actors are dominant in the series.

Gauri’s voice is heard at the very beginning of the trailer. Gauri with a big bang on her forehead says this story belongs to many like me. Because Gauri was once Ganesha. Then a 12-14 year old schoolboy is seen sitting in the classroom. Whom the teacher asks what will happen when he grows up? Then he replies ‘mother will be’. The story of how Ganesha, who likes to live like a woman, later becomes Gauri, what things he has to face in the society will be shown in this series. But, do you know the actress who played the role of Ganesha as a child Gauri in the trailer? Although he looks like a boy, he is not an actor but an actress. She is actress Kritika Dev. Kritika has appeared in many Marathi films before.

Along with this, Maratha actor Aishwarya Narkar is seen in the role of Sushmita’s mother. Actor Suvrat Joshi is also seen with Sushmita in some scenes. Seeing him, many people have lost their faith. Actress Hemangi Kavi is also in this series. Mainly this series is directed by Marathmole director Ravi Jadhav.