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Sushant Singh Rajput’s Past Love Interest Enters Bigg Boss 17 – Must-Watch Controversy Unfolds

Ankita Lokhande Confirms Entry in BB17: Big Boss 17 Gets Its First Contestant

The anticipation for Salman Khan’s much-awaited reality show, ‘Big Boss 17,’ has been soaring high, with speculations about various celebrities joining the show. However, recent reports suggest that the show has found its first confirmed contestant, none other than the renowned TV actress, Ankita Lokhande. What’s more, Ankita’s husband, Vicky Jain, might also become a part of this popular and controversial show.

Ankita Lokhande’s Confirmation

Ankita Lokhande’s entry into the show was confirmed by a report from Tellychakkar. According to the report, Ankita has officially confirmed her participation in ‘Big Boss Season 17,’ making her the first confirmed contestant of the season.

Possibility of Vicky Jain’s Entry

This season of ‘Big Boss 17’ has a theme centered around the heart and mind. In addition to couples, it is rumored that singles will also be part of the show. Therefore, it is speculated that Ankita Lokhande might enter the show as a couple with her husband, Vicky Jain. This has created immense excitement among fans, and Ankita’s entry into the show has been met with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Ankita Lokhande, known for her role as Archana in the popular TV show ‘Pavitra Rishta,’ had dated the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput before her marriage. While Sushant is no longer with us, it is possible that Ankita might reveal some insights or details related to Sushant or his untimely demise after her entry into the show.

The Show’s Expected Start Date

As per media reports, ‘Big Boss 17’ is expected to kick off in the first week of October. Just a few days ago, the makers of the show released a promo featuring Salman Khan, offering a glimpse of the season’s theme. While the exact start date is yet to be officially announced, the excitement among fans is palpable.

In conclusion, Ankita Lokhande’s confirmation as the first contestant of ‘Big Boss 17’ has added an extra layer of excitement to the upcoming season. With the possibility of her husband, Vicky Jain, also joining the show, fans can’t wait to see what unfolds in this season of high emotions and intellect. As the show’s start date approaches, all eyes will be on the drama, entertainment, and controversies that ‘Big Boss 17’ is sure to deliver.