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Successful launch of Navigation Satellite NVS-01


ISRO on Monday successfully launched the country’s ambitious navigation satellite NVS-01 from the Sriharikota Space Centre. The satellite was launched into the fixed orbit by the GSLV-F12 rocket. This will further strengthen our NavIC navigation system. The army will be able to get accurate information about the secret bases of the enemy. Navigation service will also be stronger. It is a made in India GPS navigation system. ISRO Chairman Dr. S. Somnath said that India has 7 navigation satellites out of which only 4 are working. NVS-01 was launched into orbit by ISRO at 10.42 am by GSLV F-12 rocket. To keep pace with the modern times, the Next Generation Nautical Satellite NVS project has been launched, as part of which NVS-01 has been sent into orbit. Which will be operational for 12 years.

Where would it be possible to use it?

It can be used for land, air and sea transport, location-based services, personal transport, resource monitoring, survey and geospatial, scientific research, natural disaster relief and guidance for rescue operations.

Indigenously made atomic clock was used for the first time

For the first time indigenous rubidium atomic clock has been used in NAVIC satellite. Which has been made in Space Application Center Ahmedabad. Till now such imported clocks were used to calculate the date and time of satellite launch.