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Study Abroad: How to get student visa? Want to go abroad for studies, have to make these preparations

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Study In Abroad: Many youth dream of going abroad to study. However, it is not so easy that just you thought and the dream becomes reality. To go abroad to study, many types of preparations have to be done in advance. If you are also making such a plan, then you should understand the important things given here very well…

Student Visa
Student Visa is the most important document for the youth going to study abroad. This is very important for those who want to pursue their dream of pursuing higher education abroad. This is an official document which stamps the student’s passport and gives permission to enter the foreign country legally. Different countries have different requirements and conditions for visas. In such a situation, first of all you should get information about the application process from the embassy website of the concerned country. By keeping in mind the course deadlines for student visa and making a well-planned plan to avoid any further hassles, you can easily get the visa on time.

Short-term or long-term student visas
Student visas may vary from country to country depending on the duration of the course. These have been divided into two categories. The first is short-term visa, which is available for any short-term course or diploma certificate course, which is valid for 3 to 11 months. This may include internships and 6-month short-term certification programs. Whereas, the second one is long term visa which is available for different degree courses. A student gets a long term visa for a maximum of five years. However, in some countries, student visa is given based on the duration of the course as well as the course, it can be UG, PG or Doctorate, Business course etc.

Language Test
: Most of the students plan to study in English speaking countries. There, students are required to give a certificate for written and oral communication in English. For this you have to give tests like TOEFL, IELTS or PTE. You are certified on the basis of marks obtained in this.

How to apply for a visa:
For the student visa application process, you must receive an acceptance letter from your university.
After this you can start the visa application process for this.
You can apply for student visa in online and offline mode.
You can apply by creating a profile under the online application process.
In the offline application process, the filled form has to be submitted to the concerned office.
You also have to pay the prescribed fee according to the country in which you have applied for the visa.