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Smoky Pan: What is smoked paan? A girl’s stomach got a hole as soon as she ate it, her life was in danger

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Bengaluru girl consumes smoky paan: When children insist on something after seeing their elders, the results are often not good. In such a situation, every parent needs to learn a lesson from the news we are telling you about. We are saying this because videos of smokey paan (Fire Pan) keep going viral on social media every day. In such paan, apart from things like betel nut, catechu, gulkand, sweet chutney and cardamom, liquid nitrogen is used, due to which smoke comes out of that paan. This smoky paan can be fatal. In such a situation, if someone wants to eat smoky paan in the name of hobby, then please think carefully before doing so. Because in some cases, hobby can be not a big but a very bad thing.

Hole in the stomach due to eating smoky paan

A shocking incident has come to light from Bengaluru, Karnataka. In the capital Bengaluru, a 12-year-old girl underwent surgery after she developed a hole in her stomach due to eating ‘smoke paan’. Doctors say that this surgery was very necessary to save the girl’s life. The family took the girl to the hospital on time. After this, the girl was operated upon at Narayana Multispeciality Hospital. According to the hospital, the girl had eaten ‘smoke paan’ at a wedding ceremony in Bengaluru. However, the hospital administration has not disclosed the identity of the victim. 

How was life saved?

The hospital said in a statement that a hole was detected in the girl’s stomach, which required emergency surgery to prevent further complications. The hospital said that considering the critical condition of the patient, she was immediately operated upon using modern technology.

She was admitted to the ICU for two days

Dr. Vijay H.S., head of the team of doctors who operated on the teenager, said that the surgery was done through the ‘Intra-Op OGD Scopy’ procedure. The hospital said that after the surgery, the girl was kept in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) for two days and was allowed to go home after six days.