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SIT’s Shocking Revelation: Inside the Dark Secrets of 13,000 Unlawful Madrasas Uncovered in Latest Report

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Unveiling the UP Madrasa SIT Report: Investigating Illicit Madrasas in Uttar Pradesh

In a significant development, the Special Investigation Team (SIT) appointed by the Uttar Pradesh government to scrutinize unauthorized madrasas has submitted its report. This in-depth investigation aimed to bring clarity to the operations of these madrasas and their compliance with regulations. The findings reveal startling details about the nature and activities of these institutions.

The Scope of the Investigation

  1. Background of the SIT: Understanding the formation and purpose of the Special Investigation Team.
  2. Number of Madrasas Examined: A comprehensive look at the vast number of madrasas under scrutiny, totaling 23,000 across the state.

Police Recommendations and Closing Down of Madrasas

  1. Police Documents: Analysis of crucial police documents recommending the closure of approximately 13,000 unauthorized madrasas.
  2. Geographical Concentration: Most of these unauthorized madrasas are found near the Nepal border, raising suspicions about their activities.

Allegations on Illicit Madrasas

  1. Conversion Activities: Uncovering the promotion of religious conversion activities within these unauthorized madrasas.
  2. Foreign Funding: Exposing the funding sources, primarily from overseas, and its potential ties to anti-India activities.

Focus on Border Districts

  1. 500+ Unauthorized Madrasas: The concentration of illicit madrasas in border districts, makes it easier for them to evade authorities.
  2. Terror Funding Suspicions: Investigating the possibility of these madrasas being used as a front for terror funding.

Massive Funding and High-Profile Cases

  1. Funding from Abroad: Details on how funds exceeding 100 crores were channeled to 80 madrasas from foreign sources.
  2. Hotspots: Identifying areas with the highest concentration of unauthorized madrasas, including Maharajganj, Shravasti, and Bahraich.

The Madrasa Landscape in Uttar Pradesh

  1. Overall Scenario: A broader look at the 25,000 madrasas operating in Uttar Pradesh, with a focus on the 16,500 affiliated with the UP Board.
  2. SIT’s Methodology: Insight into how the SIT identified individuals and organizations associated with operating these madrasas.

Noteworthy Cases and Actions Taken

  1. Ghaziabad Arrests: An overview of arrests made in Ghaziabad in connection with religious conversions.
  2. Child Conversion Case in Saharanpur: Detailing a case where a child’s religion was changed, leading to legal repercussions.

October 2023 Saharanpur Case

  1. Aadhar Card Revelation: Unraveling the case where an accused tried to obtain an Aadhar card for a kidnapped child, exposing their prior Hindu identity.

As we delve into the intricate web of unauthorized madrasas in Uttar Pradesh, it becomes apparent that these institutions are not only operating outside the legal framework but are also implicated in activities that pose a threat to national security.