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‘Sirf Ek Banda Kafi Hai’… became the number 1 film in this case, broke the record


Manoj Bajpayee’s film ‘Sirf Ek Banda Kafi Hai’ was released on 23 May. The film released on the OTT platform G5 has been well liked by the general public. Movie watchers are praising Manoj’s strong acting so far. Not only this, it is being called the best film of this year. It has also broken the record of number of viewers. This year, G5 became the most watched original film of the year in all languages.

Critics are also liking the film

Manoj Bajpayee is happy with the success and critical acclaim of Sirf Ek Banda Khai Hai. He expressed his happiness and said that it is amazing that after 2 years of hard work, tireless rehearsals, shooting and post-production, the contribution of so many people including actors like the crew, Suparn S Verma, Vinod Bhanushali, Apoorva Singh Karki and Surya Mohan. Kulshrestha and Adrija Sinha are considered the best.


Manoj Bajpayee thanked the audience

Manoj Bajpayee said that Suryamohan Kulshrestha is being praised. Adrija is being praised and everyone is celebrating her acting. It gives me a chance to celebrate this film. I am happy with the way the film has been loved by the audience and would like to thank the public for giving it so much love.

Producer Bhanushali also expressed her happiness over the success of the film

Producer Vinod Bhanushali said that this proves that it is a good script. The way the film is getting views over the weekend, breaking the records of the year, shows that nowadays our audience prefers a good and powerful story. Whether it is in any language. This motivates us as a producer to bring better content.


Manoj Bajpayee has become a lawyer in the courtroom drama

‘Sirf Ek Banda Khai Hai’ is inspired by true events. It is a courtroom drama directed by Apoorva Singh Karfi. Manoj Bajpayee’s lawyer P.C. Solanki is in the role. A High Court lawyer who single-handedly fought an extraordinary case against the country’s alleged eldest God and successfully won a case under the POCSO Act for raping a minor.