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Singhoil prices fall further behind Saurashtra: Summer crop jowar likely to boost earnings


Mumbai : There was a mixed trend in the prices of various domestic edible oils in the Mumbai oilseed market today. Singoil prices further declined after Saurashtra. When cottonseed oil broke the downtrend, it moved up from the bottom. There were also indications that prices of imported edible oils have moved up from lower levels. World market news was encouraging. Meanwhile, in Saurashtra, the price of domestic oil fell from Rs 1550 to Rs 1600 and 15 kg from Rs 2500 to Rs 2550 today.

In Saurashtra, washed cotton fell to Rs.815 and today stood at Rs.825. There are indications that arrival of new summer crop in Singdana has started in Rajasthan and Gujarat. However, demand from exporters in Hornet showed signs of a slow decline in prices at the Navi Mumbai Hornet market today. Informers were showing the possibility of increasing the income of summer crops. In the spot market of Mumbai today, the price of 10 kg single oil fell to Rs 1615, while the price of cottonseed oil increased from the bottom to Rs 900.

Meanwhile, palm oil futures in Malaysia for further delivery in the global market climbed 33 points today. While the subsequent delivery prices increased by 51 to 61 points. At the same time, the price of palm products was increased from 7.50 to 10 dollars. Today, the income of soyabean at home was 60 thousand times in Madhya Pradesh and 50 thousand times in Maharashtra. In Madhya Pradesh the price was Rs 4800 to Rs 5100 per kW. Today in Navi Mumbai Singdana market, the price of bold material was Rs.11200 to Rs.12400 per kg, while the price of 50-60 count was Rs.12500, and the price of 60-70 count was Rs.11800 and the price was Rs.70-80 per kg. Rs 12100 and Rs 80-90 was priced at Rs 11100. The price of imported palm oil rose to Rs 870 per 10 kg in Mumbai. Palm oil traded from 300 to 400 tonnes today due to increase in demand. The price of Crude Palm Oil CPO Kandla was Rs.850. Soybean oil prices in the US agricultural markets are expected to rise by 85 to 90 points today after an overnight rise of 50 to 55 points. Soybean oil today moved up from its lowest level to Rs.850 per digum and Rs.910 per refined in the spot market in Mumbai. The price of sunflower was Rs 845 and that of refined was Rs 930.

Meanwhile, the price of mustard in Mumbai market was Rs 990 and refined was Rs 1020. The spot Mumbai walleye fell by Rs 14 while the spot castor fell by Rs 70 per kg today. Castor futures today saw a further decline and was trading within the Rs 5,600 level. Castor oil, however, gained Rs 150 per tonne in the shell market in Mumbai. While other laps were quiet. In the American agricultural markets, the prices of soybean and soybean meal were soft in overnight trade. When soybean prices increased.