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Shocking Truth: How a Company’s Negligence Led to a Tragic Death and Rocked the Italian Parliament

Indian Man Satnam Singh Dead ItaIndian Worker Death In Italy: Recently, the eyes of the whole world were on Italy. The heads of the powerful G7 countries had gathered here for a meeting. PM ​​Narendra Modi also went to Italy on the invitation of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni. There was a lot of talk about the contribution of Indians in Italy but the very next week something happened which is a blot on humanity. An Indian worker was left on the road like garbage despite being seriously injured. He later died. When the matter escalated, Italy’s Labor Minister Marina Calderon had to give a statement in the Parliament. The minister said that this incident is ‘barbarism’.

‘They threw me away like a pile of rubbish’

An Indian named Satnam Singh was left to die on the roadside. Singh worked on a farm in the rural area (Latina). His hand got cut while cutting grass on Monday. The farm hands left Satnam in the same condition outside his house and disappeared. According to reports, his wife and friends informed the police. Then an air ambulance was sent to Satnam’s house. Despite all efforts in the Rome hospital, Satnam could not be saved.

Satnam is said to be between 30 and 31 years old. He was working in Italy without any legal documents. The Latina area where he worked has a large number of Indian workers. Italy’s trade union Flai CGIL told news agency AFP that the workers for whom Singh worked, instead of helping him, ‘threw him near his house like a pile of garbage’.

What statement came in the Italian Parliament?

According to AFP, Calderon addressed the parliament and said that ‘an Indian agricultural worker who suffered a serious accident in the countryside of Latina and was left in very critical conditions has died.’ Calderon described the incident as ‘a true act of barbarism’. He hoped that those responsible would face consequences for their actions. Authorities are currently investigating the case.

Foreign Ministry is also in touch

The information about the incident also reached the Ministry of External Affairs. The Indian Embassy in Italy has confirmed this tragic incident. On its official X handle, the embassy said, ‘The Embassy is aware of the unfortunate death of an Indian citizen in Latina, Italy. We are in touch with the local authorities. Efforts are underway to contact the family and provide consular assistance.’

The opposition party also surrounded

Italy’s opposition Democratic Party said the area was notorious for the exploitation of workers. The party described the incident as a “defeat of civilization”. The party stressed the importance of continuing the fight against gangmasters and ensuring dignified and humane living and working conditions for all individuals.

The Democratic Party said in a post on Facebook that the conditions under which Satnam Singh was ‘forced to work’ were not appropriate. The party further said, ‘As the Democratic Party, we are very close to Satnam Singh’s wife and all his loved ones, we know that the deep pain of separation is connected to the dramatic awareness of double violence.’