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Shocking Crime in UP: Doctor Brutally Murdered, Family Refuses Last Rites; Urgent Plea to CM Yogi

Sutanpur Doctor Murder Case: A Tale of Tragedy and Dispute

The small town of Sultanpur in Uttar Pradesh has been thrust into the limelight due to a gruesome incident that has left the community in shock. In the heart of the Kotwali area of Sultanpur, a land dispute escalated into a brutal murder of a doctor. The aftermath of this tragic event has been marked by controversy, as the doctor’s family vehemently refused to perform the last rites until Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself arrived at the scene. Let’s delve into the details of this chilling case that has raised numerous questions.

The Doctor’s Family’s Refusal

The deceased doctor, identified as 53-year-old Ghanshyam Tripathi, was associated with the Jayasimpur Community Health Center. According to police sources, in suspicious circumstances surrounding the doctor’s death, his family refused to perform his last rites. The family insisted that they would not proceed with the final ceremonies until Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath personally visited the location. The demand for the CM’s presence before the cremation has left many perplexed, but the family remains resolute.

The Identity of the Deceased

Ghanshyam Tripathi, the doctor at the center of this tragedy, was a well-respected member of the community. He was stationed at the Jayasimpur Community Health Center, where he served diligently. The doctor’s untimely demise has sent shockwaves through the town, with residents struggling to come to terms with the events that transpired.

The Motive and Culprits

The decision by the doctor’s family to withhold the last rites stems from a land dispute that allegedly led to his murder. The prime accused in this murder case is Ajay Narayan Singh. Singh is said to have demanded money from the doctor for a piece of land, which the doctor had purchased. However, disputes arose when Singh refused to hand over the land, claiming discrepancies in its size and value. The police are yet to provide concrete details regarding the land and its worth.

Heavy Police Presence in the Doctor’s Village

In response to the situation, the police have deployed four teams to apprehend the suspects. Several individuals have been taken into custody for questioning in connection with the case. Additionally, the authorities have interviewed an e-rickshaw driver who reportedly dropped off the injured doctor at his residence. The investigation is ongoing, and the police are leaving no stone unturned to bring the culprits to justice.

Meeting with District Officials

To address the evolving situation, Deputy Commissioner Jasjit Kaur called for a meeting on Sunday. During the meeting, she instructed the Additional District Magistrate to investigate the land in question and determine whether it had been encroached upon or involved in any illegal activities. The SDM was also directed to ascertain whether the doctor’s land had any legal disputes.

Allegations by the Doctor’s Wife

The wife of the deceased doctor, Nisha Tripathi, has made grave allegations against certain individuals from Narayanpur. She claims that her husband was murdered over the land dispute. According to her account, her husband had taken ₹3,000 from Jagdish Narayan Singh, the son of Ajay Narayan Singh, and was told that the money was for making a map. After a brief visit home, the doctor returned in a severely injured state in an e-rickshaw, indicating that he had been assaulted by Jagdish Narayan Singh, resulting in his untimely demise.

In conclusion, the Sutanpur Doctor Murder Case is a tragic incident that has left the town in shock and distress. The family’s refusal to perform the last rites until the Chief Minister’s arrival has added complexity to the situation. As the investigation unfolds, the authorities are working diligently to bring the culprits to justice and resolve the land dispute that led to this gruesome incident.