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Secret lab made to escape from Taliban, completed studies from IIT


Kabul: The Taliban has banned women’s education in Afghanistan. Due to which Afghani girls are now trying to get education in India. One such Afghan girl studied from IIT Madras, during this time she also built a lab in her house hiding from the Taliban in Afghanistan.

26-year-old Behishta Khairuddin from Afghanistan has completed her M.Tech in chemical engineering from IIT Madras despite the Taliban ban on women’s education. However, due to the fear of Taliban, this girl had to face a lot of difficulties in completing her studies. To avoid Taliban, he kept a small lab in his house, where he did many experiments according to his studies and completed his studies.

Behisht had to borrow money from people to complete his studies and run the lab. IIT Madras also helped Behista in his education.

Behishta, who completed her studies this year, told the media that because the Taliban had banned women’s education, getting an education in Afghanistan proved to be tough for girls like me who wanted to get an education. But I had to find a way to get an education anyway. I feel sorry for Taliban they have all the power but can’t stop girls like me. Behista had taken admission in IIT Madras at that time.