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“Saying Goodbye: Remembering Pankaj Tripathi’s Father’s Remarkable 99-Year Journey”

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Renowned actor Pankaj Tripathi finds himself in a moment of grief. His father has passed away, prompting him to swiftly travel from Mumbai to Bihar to reach his family home. The final rites are set to take place in his ancestral village of Belsand, where Pankaj Tripathi’s elderly parents used to reside. Now, with his father’s departure, the world bids farewell to a man who lived a remarkable 99 years.

In various interviews and shows, Pankaj Tripathi fondly recounts memories of his parents. He revealed that he remained blissfully unaware of his son’s accomplishments, ignorant of the global recognition his son had achieved. Despite his son’s fame, Pankaj’s father never got the chance to watch any of his films in theaters, given his dislike for the bustling city of Mumbai. Coming from a rural background, he found solace in the countryside, distant from the clamor, alcohol, and towering skyscrapers that Mumbai represents. In one interview, Pankaj disclosed that his father had aspired for him to become a doctor, while Pankaj’s heart was set on acting. He followed his passion, ultimately attaining great success through hard work and perseverance. Though his mother supported his career choice, his father always fretted about his future.

Recently, Pankaj Tripathi gained attention for his role in the release of “OMG 2”. The film received positive acclaim, earning a place among the list of blockbuster films by amassing over 100 crores in earnings. Pankaj Tripathi and Yami Gautam jointly promoted the movie, and amidst this success, the actor received the somber news of his father’s passing. Currently, he has returned to Bihar to oversee his father’s final rites.