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Sanitation girls getting employment from user charges, become self-reliant: Vijay Diwangan


Dhamtari, May 26 (Hindustan Times). User charge sanitation provides employment to women and they are becoming self-reliant. Mayor Vijay Diwangan has said this while appealing to the citizens to pay the user charges. These days municipal administration is implementing user charge collection.

Mayor Vijay Diwangan said on Friday that people should pay user charges on time, so that the sanitation system can be improved. The Dhamtari Municipality has been collecting the waste of the city through the initiative of cleanliness sisters for a long time. Every year, the city of Dhamtari, known as Swachh Sehar, has a gift from none other than Swachhta Behind. It is on the basis of their hard work that the municipality tries to come first in the field of cleanliness every year. On the other hand, the people of the city are indifferent towards this commendable work of the sanitation sisters. His house runs on the basis of user charges paid by the townspeople. And city residents are not interested in paying user charges. Around 30 lakhs were demanded under the municipal corporation area, of which 23 lakhs have been collected in the financial year 2022-2023. Mani Kanchan Center Supervisor has been entrusted with the responsibility of collecting user charges by the Municipal Corporation Administration.

176 sanitation sisters work

There are 10 SLRM centers for waste collection from 40 wards of Dhamtari Municipal Corporation area. 176 sanitation sisters are working hard to pick up garbage. However, the people of the city are showing indifference in paying the user charges. Honorary wages of 176 sanitation sisters are paid based on user charges. If the people of the city do not pay the user charges on time, then everyone should worry about how the families of the sanitation workers who keep the city clean will be able to survive.