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Samudrik Shastra Warning: How Moles on Specific Body Parts Can Ruin Your Marriage

2964255 Mole 1Bad moles on body: Samudrik Shastra is an important part of Jyotish Shastra. In Samudrik Shastra, many events related to life and one’s future can be known by looking at the structure, marks etc. of a person’s body. Similarly, many important things have been told in Samudrik Shastra about moles, whose presence on different parts of the body can affect a person’s life in different ways.

In such a situation, today we will learn about such moles which directly tell about their impact on marital life.

mole on lips

According to Samudrika Shastra, having a mole on the lips can affect the marital life or family life. These people are very talkative by nature. Such people can make a mountain out of a molehill. However, if they control their speech, such a situation will not arise.

People who have a mole on their left eye

face problems in their marital or love life. After marriage, they keep having meaningless fights with their partners. At times, they even lose their temper over family matters. Due to which, their image gets spoiled.

mole on chin

Such people take time to get comfortable in front of others, especially women. Such women are not able to maintain harmony with their partner in love or married life, due to which there is a rift in the relationship. These people are not able to express their views openly in front of the other person.

mole on the little finger

Such people face problems in marital life or love relationship. On the other hand, the presence of mole at this place is considered beneficial in financial matters. On the other hand, such people have doubts in maintaining balance in the relationship.

Presence of mole on left knee

They face problems in family matters. They also create misunderstandings in their minds about their partners. Due to which they keep fighting with their partners.