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Samsung may soon launch Galaxy Ring, know what special things can be found in it

2894453 Samsung Galaxy RingSamsung Galaxy Ring Features: Samsung showcased its Galaxy Ring at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) this year. The company later confirmed that it would launch its Galaxy Ring in the market by the end of 2024. There are indications of this smart ring being launched soon, which is being discussed a lot online. This smart ring has also appeared on the Bluetooth SIG certification website. Let us tell you about it in detail. 

Galaxy Ring can come in 9 sizes

It is being told that for the convenience of the users, this Galaxy Ring of Samsung will come in nine different sizes. This device will be offered in 5 to 13 sizes ranging from S to XL. Several models of Galaxy Ring have also been confirmed in the Bluetooth SIG listing mentioned above, whose names are SM-Q500, SM-Q501, SM-Q502, SM-Q503, SM-Q505, SM-Q506, SM-Q507, SM-Q508 and SM-Q509. 

Samsung Galaxy Ring Battery

Now the question arises that how long will the battery of this Samsung Galaxy Ring last or what will be its battery life. According to the report of The Verge, the smallest size ring will have a battery of 14.5mAh, while the largest size will have a battery of 21.5mAh. This smart ring can be used for 5 to 9 days on a full charge. 

Features of Galaxy Ring 

Now let us tell you about the features of Samsung Galaxy Ring. Samsung’s Hon Pak has confirmed that the Galaxy Ring will have the ability to track health features with the help of inbuilt sensors. This device will provide information about heart rate monitoring, respiratory rate tracking, sleep movement tracking and sleep onset time. Apart from this, Hon has confirmed that this ring will also provide fertility tracking by integrating with Samsung’s partner app, Natural Cycles.