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Russian lawmaker threatens US missile strike in Alaska


Speaking on state TV, Russia’s State Duma deputy Andrey Gurulyov threatened a missile attack on the US state of Alaska. When asked why Russia should attack Alaska, Andrei Gurulyov replied, ‘To scare them.’ Moscow has been criticizing the US for helping Ukraine since the invasion of Ukraine.

Gurulyov said, ‘There is no need to attack Texas. We have a strategic nuclear force that covers the territory of America. Let me tell you, ‘Let me remind you, on the other side of the strait is Alaska.’

Gurulev made the comments on a state-run Russian news show. The show was hosted by Olga Skabayeva Olga. Skabayeva is a critic known for her propaganda. He is also known by the nickname ‘Iron Doll of Putin TV’.

Former Ukrainian minister posted a clip of the statement

It was not clear when the shocking comments were made on the show, but the clip was posted on Twitter on Friday by Anton Herashchenko, Ukraine’s former deputy minister of internal affairs, according to the report. Let us tell you that US Senator Lindsey Graham met Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kiev on Friday.

Lindsey Graham praised Ukraine

US Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday rejected Russian criticism of his support for Ukraine. He praised the spirit of the Ukrainians for fighting the Russian invasion with the help provided by Washington. He described US aid as the ‘best ever spent’. Graham said he was visiting the 457th day of the war, which Russia believes will be over in three days.