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Rudraksh: Never do this work by wearing Rudraksh, if done wrong then problems will increase in life


Rudraksha Rules: Rudraksh has been considered worshipable in the scriptures. Rudraksha is believed to be made from the tears of Lord Shiva. That’s why it is considered miraculous and supernatural. You must have seen many people wearing Rudraksh beads. Some people chant mantras with Rudraksha beads. Talking about Rudraksh, there are Rudraksh ranging from one Mukhi to 21 Mukhi. Each Rudraksha has its own importance.

According to astrology, it is believed that according to the rule, every crisis goes away from the life of the person who wears Rudraksha. Such a person has no fear of premature death. But some rules should also be followed while wearing Rudraksh. There are some things which should not be done by wearing Rudraksha. If this work is done by wearing Rudraksh, then the problems in life increase.


Rules for wearing Rudraksha

1. According to astrology, Rudraksh’s garland should be worn on Monday, Poonam or Amasa day. Rudraksha necklace should have at least 27 beads.

2. Rudraksh’s garland is considered very sacred, so wear it only after taking a bath and keep it in a holy place before sleeping.

3. Always remember Bholenath and chant Om Namah Shivay mantra while wearing Rudraksh’s garland.

4. Pain or red thread should be used to wear Rudraksh’s garland. Do not wear Rudraksh in black thread.

5. Garland worn once should not be given to anyone else, nor should Rudraksh garland worn by someone else be taken.

Eating meat or smoking or drinking alcohol is prohibited after wearing 6. Rudraksh. The person doing this feels guilty.

7. One should never go to the crematorium wearing a rosary of Rudraksh. Do not wear Rudraksha rosary even when a child has been born or is about to be born.

8. Pregnant women should not wear Rudraksh beads. If a woman wears it, then she should take off the Rudraksh and keep it with her from the birth of the child till the end of sleep.