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Revolutionizing Rail Travel: Say Goodbye to Blanket Disputes – Indian Railways’ Bold Move for RAC Explorers

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Indian Railways News: A Comfortable Journey with RAC Tickets

Traveling by train in India is an experience filled with diverse landscapes and cultural encounters. If you are a frequent train traveler, you must be familiar with the term “Reservation Against Cancellation” or RAC. In this article, we delve into the recent directive issued by the Railway Board that brings relief and added comfort to passengers holding RAC tickets.

The Railway Board’s Directive

The Railway Board, understanding the needs of RAC passengers traveling in AC class, has recently issued a new directive. According to this directive, passengers traveling with RAC tickets in AC class will now receive a bed roll kit, including blankets, bedsheets, towels, and pillows. This is a significant enhancement as previously only one bed roll kit was provided for two passengers.

Why Was This Decision Made?

A railway official revealed that the decision was prompted by the fact that the charge for bed rolls was already included in the fare for AC class passengers, including those traveling with RAC tickets. Shailendra Singh, the Principal Executive Director of the Railway Board, has communicated this decision to all zonal railways to ensure the provision of bed roll kits for RAC passengers, offering them added convenience.

Previous Charges for RAC Passengers

Traditionally, RAC passengers in AC class (excluding AC chair car) were charged separately for bed rolls. The latest move aligns the facilities for RAC passengers in AC class with those who have confirmed seats. This aims to provide a comfortable journey for all passengers, irrespective of their ticket confirmation status.

RAC Ticket: What It Means

RAC stands for “Reservation Against Cancellation.” It is a type of ticket issued when all berths on a train are booked. While RAC ticket holders have the right to board the train, they are not guaranteed a full seat. They are allocated a seat for sitting but have to share a berth with another traveler for sleeping.

The recent decision by the Railway Board to provide an additional bed roll kit to RAC passengers in AC class is a welcome move. It not only enhances the travel experience for RAC ticket holders but also aligns the facilities with those traveling with confirmed seats. This customer-centric approach ensures that all passengers have a more comfortable and convenient journey.