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Rev Up Your Desire: Check Out These 5 Hot New Cars Launching in November

Upcoming Cars in November 2023: Exciting New Additions to India’s Automotive Market

In recent months, the Indian automobile market has witnessed a surge in new car launches, facelifted models, and special editions. As we approach November 2023, several more models are gearing up for their grand entry. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of five cars that are either set to launch or make their debut in the Indian market next month.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Facelift: A Fresh Perspective

The facelifted Mercedes-Benz GLE made its international debut earlier this year and is slated for an Indian launch on November 2nd. This updated SUV boasts some cosmetic changes and new features. Indian consumers can expect options of either a 2-liter or 3-liter diesel engine in the India-spec model. The starting price is expected to be around 93 lakhs INR (ex-showroom).

Mercedes-AMG C43: A Blend of Sport and Luxury

Alongside the updated GLE, Mercedes is also set to launch the Mercedes C43 AMG on November 2nd. This sporty performance sedan might feature a 2-liter turbo-petrol engine, potentially outperforming its 3-liter predecessor. The anticipated starting price for the C43 AMG is 85 lakhs INR (ex-showroom).

Tata Punch EV: Electrifying Possibilities

Tata Motors has been teasing the Punch EV during testing. It may incorporate design elements from the popular Nexon EV. Expect two battery pack options for the electric version of the Punch, with an initial price tag of approximately 12 lakhs INR (ex-showroom).

5-Door Force Gurkha: A Rugged Contender

The 5-door Force Gurkha has been making appearances online, building anticipation for its off-road capabilities. It is expected to compete with the likes of the Maruti Jimny and Mahindra Thar, possibly hitting the market in November. The starting price for the 5-door Force Gurkha could be around 16 lakhs INR (ex-showroom).

Fourth-Gen Skoda Superb: A Welcome Return

Skoda had withdrawn the Superb from the Indian market a while ago, but now it’s making a comeback. The company recently unveiled the design sketches for the 2024 Superb, which might have a global launch on November 2nd. However, it could take until next year for the Superb to grace the Indian market.


As November approaches, the Indian automotive market is abuzz with anticipation. From Mercedes-Benz’s revamped GLE and the powerful C43 AMG to Tata’s electrifying Punch EV, and Force Gurkha’s rugged entry, and Skoda’s promising Superb, there’s no shortage of excitement for car enthusiasts. Keep an eye on these releases if you’re considering a new ride.