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Reality TV Magic: Manisha’s Amazing Tale of Friendship with ‘BBOTT2’ Co-Stars

Mumbai: Manisha Rani, who secured the third runner-up position in the ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ grand finale on Monday, revealed that she developed strong friendships with two fellow contestants – Elvish and Abhishek – during her time on the show.

As a social media influencer, Manisha captured the audience’s hearts with her entertaining actions on the reality show, and she engaged with the media after the grand finale.

Reflecting on her experience on the show and the connections she made, Manisha Rani commented, “I made two great friends, Elvish and Abhishek, and I believe these two will remain my friends for life, like a forever together kind of bond.”

Despite not winning ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’, Manisha expressed her happiness for Elvish Yadav’s victory. He became the first-ever wild card contestant to win ‘Bigg Boss’.

Manisha stated, “Elvish possesses a strong personality, and Abhishek is also wonderful, but enduring the daily challenges in the house was quite tough. If I compare both of their journeys, I think Abhishek had to face many struggles. However, now that Elvish has emerged as the winner, it’s evident that the audience favored him. Elvish entered as a wildcard contestant, and usually, wildcard entries don’t face as much difficulty.”

Manisha elaborated, “Wildcard entries often enter with a wealth of information; they have seen the season, giving them a clear understanding of who is genuine, who is fake, who is good, and who isn’t.”

“But I don’t think Elvish made friends solely for the sake of the game or a strategy. He connected with us from the heart.”