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Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Ramayana’: Sunny Deol’s Epic Entry as Hanuman

Sunny Deol as Hanuman: The Mythological Transformation


In recent times, Sunny Deol, the iconic Bollywood actor known for his power-packed performances, has been making headlines for a unique venture. The superstar, whose recent film ‘Gadar 2’ received an overwhelming response, is now rumored to be stepping into a divine role. According to media reports, director Nitesh Tiwari is considering casting Sunny Deol as Lord Hanuman in his upcoming movie ‘Ramayan.’ This extraordinary choice has sparked discussions and excitement among both fans and industry insiders.

The Stellar Cast of ‘Ramayan’

Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Ramayan’ boasts a star-studded ensemble. Ranbir Kapoor is rumored to play Lord Rama, the central character of the epic, while Sai Pallavi is speculated to portray Sita, and Yash may don the role of the formidable antagonist Ravana. These casting choices have generated a buzz in the film industry and among fans eagerly awaiting this epic retelling.

Sunny Deol’s Entry as Hanuman

Sunny Deol has expressed his initial agreement to become the mighty Lord Hanuman, a role that holds a special place in Hindu mythology. Hanuman, with his immense strength and unwavering devotion, symbolizes loyalty and valor. Industry insiders believe that Sunny Deol’s charismatic presence and acting prowess make him the perfect fit for this iconic character. There’s a strong belief that no one else can do justice to Hanuman’s role better than Sunny Deol.

Comparing ‘Gadar’ with ‘Ramayan’

It’s worth noting that Anil Sharma, the director of ‘Gadar,’ has already drawn parallels between his iconic film and the epic ‘Ramayan.’ He revealed that ‘Gadar’ was, in essence, inspired by the grand narrative of the ancient epic. During a press conference following the success of ‘Gadar 2,’ he remarked, “What is ‘Gadar’? It’s essentially the Ramayan. It’s the story of Lord Rama’s journey to rescue Sita from Lanka. I thought this (original ‘Gadar’) is Ramayan; it can’t fail because it resides in people’s hearts.”


Sunny Deol’s potential portrayal of Lord Hanuman in ‘Ramayan’ is not only a testament to the actor’s versatility but also a recognition of the enduring impact of mythology on Indian cinema. With a stellar cast and a unique approach to storytelling, ‘Ramayan’ promises to be an exciting cinematic experience.