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Rakhi Sawant told the truth about the entry of ‘new love’ in life, said- we just…

Rakhi Sawant New Boyfriend: Social media’s drama queen Rakhi Sawant recently surprised people by saying that she has fallen in love once again. After talking about the entry of new love, now Rakhi Sawant Husband has revealed the truth. Rakhi Sawant has given an interview in this episode and talking about the new mystery man, she has said that she likes him. But at the moment both of them are ‘just friends’.

Rakhi Sawant clarified about new love!


Rakhi Sawant Interview has talked about the entry of the new person in the latest interview given to E-Times. Rakhi Sawant told that the name of her mystery man is Lucky Singh who is Canada based. Talking about the mystery man, Rakhi Sawant said, I like Lucky, he is very handsome. But there is a difference between like and love. Lucky and I are just friends. 

Adil Durrani wanted to participate in Bigg Boss!

Big Boss fame Rakhi Sawant (Rakhi Sawant Boyfriend) also talked about the claims of being attracted to Lucky Singh, but if there is attraction then what is the problem? Frankly, I am very broken at this point. Adil has exploited me a lot, think he married me only because he wanted to participate in Bigg Boss. 

Rakhi’s new relationship is not a publicity stunt!

Talking about her relationship with Lucky Singh, Rakhi Sawant Bigg Boss said that it is not a publicity stunt. Rakhi also said, it takes a second for me to do a publicity stunt, so why would I use Lucky Singh for this? Girls are taking off their clothes, what clothes are I taking off? If I earn my bread by telling the truth then what is wrong with it? I am in Bollywood and doing stunts for my livelihood. Nothing can stop me, my parents are no more and I don’t want to stunt forever. 

Rakhi Sawant is still not divorced from Adil Durrani!

Let me tell you, Rakhi Sawant Marriage had revealed her marriage to Adil Durrani at the beginning of the year 2023. But a few days after the marriage, Adil Durrani was arrested and Bigg Boss fame Rakhi Sawant made many serious allegations against her husband Adil. If reports are to be believed, Adil Durrani is currently in Mysore jail.