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Rajesh Khattar: Bollywood star’s father revealed the secret, rent and school fees did not allow him to become an A-list actor

Rajesh Khattar Life: Actors have their own experiences in life. However, generally, it seems that everything goes well in the life of actors working in films or on TV and they do not have any kind of worries. It is generally believed that those working in films do not deal with the day-to-day problems of worldliness. But it is not so. Famous actor Rajesh Khattar recently said in an interview that the life and family of actors are also like others. The same problems are faced by them, which are faced by working people with ordinary families.

phone rings

Rajesh Khattar said that the worries of actors in the film industry are like paying house rent and paying children’s fees like normal people. He said that the biggest challenge for every actor is house rent and school fees. This is the reason why after a point of time many actors lose the ability to say no and accept all kinds of work to pay all the household bills. Rajesh Khattar said that perhaps this is the reason why he could never make it as an A-list star. Although he said that I do not take such things seriously. When people tell me that I didn’t get what I deserved, I say that even today I am doing the work that I love. Even today my phone keeps ringing for work.

are still close
It is noteworthy that Rajesh Khattar is the father of Bollywood actor Ishaan Khattar. He is also the stepfather of Shahid Kapoor. Shahid’s mother Neelima Azim married Rajesh Khattar after her separation from Shahid’s father Pankaj Kapur. Ishaan was born in this marriage. Shahid also spent a long time of his childhood with Rajesh Khattar and the relationship between the two is very good even today. Everyone knows the tuning of Shahid and Ishaan. Ishaan is closer to his half-brother than his parents.

make a fuss
Rajesh Khattar denied these things that in the past Corona period, his economic condition had become so bad that he was not even left with money for food. He said that these things came due to some misunderstandings in a media interview with his wife Vandana Sajnani. According to Rajesh, those things were exaggerated in the media. His wife had only said that his savings were over during the Corona period. A lot has been made of this very thing. According to Rajesh, he has sources of income other than acting. Also, he has full faith in his close ones on difficult days. They will never need the kindness of strangers.