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Rajasthan Political Turmoil: Gehlot’s Ticket Gamble Could Reshape Congress

Rajasthan Congress Candidates List: Big Changes Expected in Rajasthan Congress

The political landscape in Rajasthan is buzzing with anticipation and intrigue. According to inside sources, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is contemplating major changes in the ticket distribution for the upcoming Vidhan Sabha elections. The decisions of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi regarding certain names have also raised eyebrows. As of now, the Congress party has not yet released the list of candidates for the Rajasthan Assembly elections, sparking controversy and unrest within the party. This article dives into the dynamics of ticket distribution in the Congress party and the potential impact it could have.

1. Tensions within the Party

In the recent past, allegations of rebellion against Congress leadership have emerged against MLAs Shanti Dhariwal, Mahesh Joshi, and Dharmendra Rathore. Sonia and Rahul Gandhi expressed their dissatisfaction with these MLAs during a party meeting, further intensifying the turmoil within the party.

2. The First List of Congress Candidates

There are strong indications that the Congress party might release its first list of candidates today. This list is expected to include names of approximately 100 hopefuls, with about 45-50 of them being current MLAs.

3. A Pivotal Decision by the CEC

The Congress Election Committee (CEC) recently held discussions on 106 seats. According to sources, the first list of 100 candidates could be released today, and it may include ticket allocations for 45-50 sitting MLAs.

4. Sachin Pilot’s Shadow

A significant development is that Sachin Pilot might influence ticket distribution for the legislators who had rebelled against the Gehlot government in 2020. Nearly 10 of the 19 MLAs who revolted could lose their tickets. However, it’s also rumored that on some of these seats, Sachin Pilot might advocate for other preferred leaders.

As the political landscape heats up in Rajasthan, all eyes are on the Congress party’s candidate list, which is eagerly awaited by both the contenders and the voters.


The imminent release of the Congress candidate list in Rajasthan has added layers of complexity and intrigue to the state’s political scenario. The possible exclusion of certain rebel MLAs and the influence of senior leaders like Sachin Pilot make this election particularly noteworthy. As the drama unfolds, it remains to be seen how these developments will shape the future of Rajasthan politics.