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Rajasthan Election Secrets Revealed: What Happened to the September Surprises?

Rajasthan Assembly Polls 2023: Congress Releases Second Candidate List, Sans Shanti Dhariwal and Mahesh Joshi

In a late-night move, the Congress party released its second list of candidates for the 2023 Rajasthan Assembly elections. However, to everyone’s surprise, prominent names, Shanti Dhariwal and Mahesh Joshi, were notably absent. Rumors suggest that both might be facing repercussions for their defiance against the party’s high command. Up to this point, the Congress party has announced 76 candidates for the upcoming elections, including 20 ministerial positions, but the names of Shanti Dhariwal and Mahesh Joshi are conspicuously absent from any list. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the omission of these two influential figures and the context that surrounds it.

Dhariwal and Joshi Facing Consequences?

It is reported that Shanti Dhariwal and Mahesh Joshi are still under consideration, with ongoing deliberations within the Congress high command. Notices were issued to both of them for not adhering to the party’s directives. In 2022, Mahesh Joshi and Shanti Dhariwal held a meeting with Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, a prominent supporter of Ashok Gehlot’s government, where they voiced demands for a more significant role within the party. This meeting took place at Shanti Dhariwal’s residence and raised questions about their loyalty to Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot.

Congress Fields 15 Ministers

It’s essential to note that Rajasthan’s legislative assembly, consisting of 200 seats, is set to go to polls on November 25, with results slated for December 3. In a late-night development, Congress released its second list, nominating 43 candidates for the elections. Notably, the party has fielded former Chief Secretary Niranjan Arya from Sujangarh, a safe constituency. The second list also includes 35 incumbent legislators, comprising 15 ministers from Ashok Gehlot’s government and five independent legislators who supported the Gehlot government during the political crisis in 2020.

Pilot’s Influence on Ticket Distribution

Congress has also allocated tickets to three female candidates in this list. Additionally, two ministers who defected from Sachin Pilot’s camp during the political turmoil in 2020 have been given tickets by the Congress. This list includes Shakuntala Rawat, Naseem Akhtar Insaaf, and Sushila Dudi. Congress has fielded Sushila Dudi from the Nokha constituency, who happens to be the wife of former Deputy Chief Minister Sachin Pilot, currently hospitalized in a Gurugram hospital.

As the Rajasthan Assembly elections draw closer, the absence of Shanti Dhariwal and Mahesh Joshi’s names from the candidate list raises many questions. Whether they will be accommodated in subsequent lists or if their defiance against the party’s leadership will cost them their political careers remains to be seen.


The Rajasthan Assembly elections in 2023 are set to be a significant political event in the state. Congress, in its latest candidate list, has made some surprising omissions and inclusions. Shanti Dhariwal and Mahesh Joshi’s absence from the list has raised questions about their political future. As the election day approaches, the political landscape in Rajasthan continues to evolve, and it will be fascinating to see how these developments shape the course of the polls.