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Railway’s Gift to Vaishno Devi Travelers Sparks Joy Among Millions

Cheque Writing Tips: Ensuring Safety and Accuracy

In the country, many essential tasks require people to handle written documents. People often need to perform various tasks in writing, including important banking-related matters. With millions of individuals having bank accounts and using chequebooks, it’s crucial to keep a few important points in mind whenever you issue a cheque, as failing to do so might lead to significant consequences.

Use Your Own Pen

When filling out a cheque issued by a bank, you’ll need a pen. Remember that using your own pen is essential. Avoid using pens provided by others. If you use someone else’s pen, it might raise suspicions, and there’s also a possibility that the written content could be erased using that pen later on.

Writing the Cheque

When using someone else’s pen to write a cheque, you’re essentially giving them a tool to potentially harm you. Afterwards, they could manipulate the cheque’s amount using the same pen. This could lead to substantial financial loss, making it important to exercise caution. Always use your personal pen when writing a cheque and ensure that you fill in all the details accurately.

Cancelled Cheques

Similarly, when you need to submit a cancelled cheque for any purpose, avoid using another person’s pen. To cancel a cheque, three diagonal lines are usually drawn across it, along with the word “Cancelled.” In such cases, make sure you use your personal pen to ensure clarity and prevent any tampering.

By following these precautions, individuals can protect themselves from potential fraudulent activities and manipulation by unscrupulous individuals.