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Rahul Gandhi’s Explosive Allegation Against Adani: Blaming Him for Soaring Electricity Prices

Rahul Gandhi’s Allegations Against Adani: Unpacking the Controversy

In a recent press conference, Rahul Gandhi, a prominent leader of the Indian National Congress, made scathing allegations against the Adani Group, accusing them of being responsible for a substantial increase in electricity prices and a massive scam amounting to 32,000 crore rupees. Alongside these accusations, he also pointed fingers at the Indian government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming they are shielding Adani. Let’s delve into the details of this controversy that has sent shockwaves through the nation.

The Rising Electricity Prices Blamed on Adani

Rahul Gandhi, during the press conference, vehemently claimed, “Adani has profited by a staggering 12,000 crore rupees from the pockets of the common man by falsely inflating coal prices, thereby causing a significant surge in electricity costs. Adani is behind the surge in electricity prices, and it’s perplexing that the media isn’t questioning this. Such news could topple a government. We provide subsidies to the people, while Adani is escalating the cost. Why is the Prime Minister silent?”

Gandhi went on to say, “Remember, every time you use electricity, Adani overcharges you by issuing inflated invoices, depleting your wallet.”

PM Modi’s Alleged Protection of Adani

Rahul Gandhi did not stop at accusing Adani alone; he also pointed fingers at Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He asserted, “Prime Minister Modi is safeguarding Adani. While investigations are underway in other countries, Adani in India enjoys a blank check. They can do whatever they want. Why doesn’t the PM initiate an inquiry? This news is having a profound impact. Questions are being raised about Modi’s credibility. People in every village know that Adani has engaged in corruption. I’m aiding the Prime Minister; I want him to investigate. It might be someone else’s money. 32,000 crore rupees have been stolen from the people of Hindustan.”

The Financial Times Report

Gandhi’s allegations were fueled by a recent report in the Financial Times, which raised questions about Adani’s involvement in the coal industry and the subsequent surge in coal prices. The report suggested that Adani purchases coal in Indonesia, and when it arrives in India, the coal’s price doubles. This stark price difference has led to an increase in electricity costs, which directly impacts the common man.

The Public’s Reaction

The allegations made by Rahul Gandhi have ignited a nationwide debate. Many citizens are demanding transparency and accountability in this matter. They seek a comprehensive investigation into the allegations and expect the government to clarify its stance.


The accusations made by Rahul Gandhi against the Adani Group and Prime Minister Narendra Modi have set off a political firestorm in India. While these allegations have yet to be substantiated, they underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in matters of public interest. The people of India deserve to know the truth, and a fair and thorough investigation should be carried out to address these serious allegations.